Best Shower Trim Kit : Best Shower Trim Reviews in 2021


When looking to upgrade your bathroom, consider the best shower trim  kit for this decorative part. It has many reviews available that tell of which designs are most familiar and how long they last because it is mostly put on after the neighboring surround. If you wish for your shower trims edges not to leak, be sure to seal them with care so water does not turn up its way into other areas inside or outside of wall walls.

Best Trim is a fancy part of shower valves, tub spouts, and heads. It’s usually put on after the surround has been equipped in the bathroom. If you want your trim to last longer, it needs to be sealed precisely around the edges so that water doesn’t leak into walls inside or outside of your home.

A little research goes a long way with the trim you buy for the kitchen faucet. You should know what styles, colors, and materials are accessible so that your bath won’t look mismatched or have too many special patterns going on. If you’re looking for something simple with matching color schemes, then metal is invariably an option – but if not, then there’s plenty of other impressive options such as marble!





DELTA Windemere Trim Kit 

Pressure-Balanced Valve Cartridge.

Delta Faucet Lahara 17 Series best bath shower trim kit

Dual-function shower handle.

Touch-Clean spray holes

DELTA Linden 17 Series Shower Faucet

Full Spray with Massage.  In2ition 2-in-1 Dual Shower

Best Shower Trim Kit: The Top Brands To Choose For Your Fixtures

If you’re looking for a shower trim kit that does the job, look no further. This blog post will discuss the top brands to choose from and what they have to offer. You’ll want to read this article if you are in need of a new shower  kit because it includes all of the best information on this topic. The amount of brands on the market can be overwhelming, so we’ve narrowed down the list to our top 7 favorites for you. All you need to do is pick one.

1.DELTA Windemere Trim Kit with Single-Spray ,shower trim kit delta

DELTA Windemere Shower Trim Kit ,shower trim kit delta

Delta’s Windemere Single-Function Tub and Shower Trim Kit with Single-Spray Shower is the ideal pick for your bathroom remodel. This trim kit has a showerhead, tub and shower faucet, handheld shower sprayer, and diverter.

It comprises a tub spout that can be used with Delta’s optional shower arm to create a wonderful shower experience. The kit is easy to install and has everything you need for your next bathroom remodel. It comes in your choice of finishes: polished chrome or brushed nickel.

The Delta Windermere Single-Function Tub and  Kit are available in Chrome or Venetian Bronze finish to integrate any decor. The single-function showerhead features Touch-Clean nozzles that keep the water flowing smoothly while you clean it, preventing clogs caused by hard water expansion.

Delta Touchclean- Our TouchClean spray holes are designed for easy cleaning. Simply use your finger to clean the holes and never worry about hard-to-reach places again.

Full Body Spray – The Delta Windemere features an ergonomic design with a full body spray pattern that provides you with a calm, beneficial experience every time you take a shower  faucets or bath.

Tub Spout – The Windemere tub spout features an ergonomic design with an integrated water-saving flow regulator that offers five different settings. It has a full-body spray pattern that provides you with a softened, beneficial experience every time you take a shower or bath.

Shower Head– The Delta Windemere features an ergonomic design with an integrated water-saving flow regulator that offers five different settings. It has a full-body spray system that provides you with a softened, beneficial experience every time you take a shower or bath.

2.Delta Faucet Lahara 17 Series best bath shower trim kit

Delta Faucet Lahara Shower Trim Kit best bath shower trim kit

 Delta Faucet Lahara 17 Series Dual-Function Shower Kit with 5-Spray Touch-Clean® Technology Showerhead features a monitor pressure-balanced valve cartridge that helps keep a consistent shower temperature. With the touch of a button, you can control both volume and water temperature separately for maximum control. The stylish 17 Series has a soft to clean spray face with five separate spray settings: full body spray, fast massage spray, full spray with massage, soft drenching spray, and pause.

This trim kit includes all significant pieces for installation including a Delta Monitor Pressure Balanced Valve Cartridge that ensures consistent water temperature while maximizing water pressure. 

Spray holes – The showerhead has spray holes that are designed to provide a more dynamic and even flow of water.

Body spray – With the touch clean spray face, you can probably remove dirt and soap scum from your body.

Tub spout – A tub spout is included in this trim kit, which makes it easy to get water where you need it most.

Showerhead – This device comes with a 5 function shower heads that will allow you to choose the type of spray you want as well as its intensity. You can also adjust the angle of the showerhead for maximum comfort while bathing or washing your hair. This product is made out of brass and features an elegant design that will complement any decor. It also comes with a lifetime limited warranty, so if anything goes wrong, Delta Faucet will replace it for free!

3.DELTA Linden 17 Series Shower Faucet, universal shower trim kit

DELTA Linden 17 Series Shower Faucet, universal shower trim kit

Delta has been the world’s leading producer of kitchen and bath faucets for over 110 years. Every one of their devices is built with the same standard of craftsmanship and modernization that they started with over a century ago. 

Delta Linden 17 Series Dual-Function ,The best  Shower Faucet set is a substantial item to have for your bathroom. It is a high-quality product that will provide you with the many benefits of owning it. This Delta rain shower head and this kit are backed by Delta Faucet’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. The In2ition 2-in-1 Dual Shower arm allows you to use the hand shower with hose separately or securely docked for a fancy and versatile showering experience. 

Spray Holes – Delta shower faucets provide a lifetime of performance. The spray holes on this product are made from brass, which is more reliable than plastic or metal nozzles.

Body Spray – Delta’s body sprays will give you the perfect amount of water for your showering needs. This product has a body spray that is easy to use and provides plenty of coverage with just one push.

Tub Spout – Delta’s tub spouts are built to last and look great in any bathroom. They have been tested by plumbers to ensure that they will not leak over time as other brands do.

Shower Head – With a few simple twists, you can adjust the height and angle of this showerhead so it fits entirely into your bathroom space. It also comes with an anti-clog rubber spray face that assures every drop counts.

4.Hansgrohe Ecostat shower trim kit

Hansgrohe Ecostat shower trim kit

The Hansgrohe Ecostat Modern Minimalist Easy Control 1-Handle 7-inch Wide Pressure Balance Shower Trim with iBox Universal Plus Rough-in Brushed Nickel is a stylish and easy to use  trim that serves the proper balance between water flow, quantity, and temperature in the best shower faucet set. The single handle control allows you to adjust each of these elements alone or together. With its sleek design and quiet force, this trim will be a benefit to your bathroom decor.

The use of the iBox Universal Plus Rough reduces in-wall vibration and resulting noise during the use of your shower trim. A screw-free plate affords a cleaner installation process. Brass internal components complement a polymer trim plate for a surface that is resistant to dents.

Spray Holes – The spray holes are located on the top and bottom of the showerhead. This allows for even dissemination of water throughout your body, providing a more pleasant experience.

Body Spray – The body spray is located at the end of the tub spout and shower faucet set. It adds a soft massage to your back as you wash with soap and water.

Tub Spout – The tub spout is designed with a curve that will not kink or bend when used with our flexible hoses. This will provide consistent water pressure while reducing any potential damage to the trim.

Shower Head – Our handheld shower heads have been designed to provide maximum coverage for all areas of your body while still allowing you to maintain control over how much pressure is applied during use. They also feature three different settings: normal, soft, and hard flow, so you can choose how much water pressure you need during each use! We’ve also included a removable filter that prevents clogging from occurring within the showerhead itself.

5.Grohe 19411000 Eurosmart ,shower trim kit with valve

Grohe Eurosmart ,shower trim kit with valve

The Cosmopolitan is the perfect combination of style and function. This pressure balance valve trim features a sleek silhouette that will add to any bathroom decor. The pressure balance technology ensures a steady temperature for your convenience while saving energy and water with every use. This  best shower faucets trim comes in an oil-rubbed bronze finish, with a pop-up drain assembly included. Installation is easy with the added template and all the necessary hardware for an easy installation process with the best shower faucet set. Pair this trim with other pieces from the Cosmopolitan collection to accomplish your dream bath.

Spray Holes: The Cosmopolitan features a unique spray hole design that allows water to flow out of the holes and not just from the center. This feature is significant for rinsing the soap off your body or shampooing your hair.

Body Spray: The Cosmopolitan also has an additional body spray feature that will allow you to get every drop of water out of rain shower head. Simply pull down on the lever and enjoy a calm, full-body spray while rinsing off all the suds!

Tub Spout: The tub  and shower faucet set is designed with a smooth, round shape that will look great in any bathroom setting. It’s easy to clean and support as well! Just wipe it down after each use and you’ll be good to go!

Shower Head: This trim comes with a beautiful shower head that looks stunning in any bathroom setting. You can adapt the height so it’s at just the right level for you.

6.Moen Brantford Posi-Temp Pressure, best moen shower trim kit

Moen Brantford Posi-Temp Pressure, best moen shower trim kit

‘Moen Brantford Posi-Temp Pressure Balancing Eco-Performance Tub and Shower Trim Kit without Valve adds polished, traditional detail to your shower. This tub and kit consists of a spray head, a single lever handle, and the tub and shower faucet set. The Moen Brantford PosiTemp pressure-balancing valve automatically maintains water temperature for consistent performance while maintaining water. Designed with a new ceramic disc valve cartridge that lasts up to 10x longer than the industry standard diaphragm style valves.Moen also plays a vital role in producing best shower faucets too.

Spray Holes – The Moen Brantford Posi-Temp Pressure Balancing Valve features a spray hole that favors the water to flow rate from the showerhead straight into the tub spout.

Body Spray – The body spray option is a diverter that directs water from the showerhead to come out of the tub spout for an all-in-one experience.

Tub Spout – The Moen Brantford Posi-Temp pressure-balancing valve automatically maintains water temperature for steady performance while conserving water. Designed with an innovative ceramic disc valve cartridge that lasts up to 10x longer than industry standard diaphragm style valves.

Shower Head – This kit has a single lever handheld shower head. With its 5 spray settings, this showerhead provides you with options for every type of bathing experience you desire!

7.Delta Faucet bath shower trim kit

Delta Faucet bath shower trim kit

Delta T14294-SS Linden 14 Series Dual-Function Trim Kit Shower System with Monitor Pressure Balanced Valve Cartridge. This great shower kit will complete your new bathroom and works with Delta’s MultiChoice Universal Shower Valve, sold independently. The showerhead has a monitor pressure-balanced (rough in valve) cartridge that adjusts the flow rate of hot and cold water for consistent temperatures in every use. It presents six spray settings: full body spray, fast massage spray, full spray with massage, soft drenching spray, pause, and rainfall setting.

Spray Holes – A special design feature on this model is the addition of holes in the top of the hand shower that allows water to stream directly down onto your body for an invigorating experience.

Body Spray – Enjoy a relaxing warm or cool water massage from a combination of vertical and horizontal sprays at the center of this model’s hand rain shower head.

Tub Spout – Featuring Delta’s exclusive Reflex™ technology, which allows you to allocate both temperature and pressure by twisting the tub spout.

Shower Head – Six different sprays allow you to choose your favorite setting for any mood or activity; Full Body Spray (full coverage), Fast Massage Spray (intense pulsating action).

What things you should look for before buying a shower trim kit

New Shower Valve

Want a sparkling, new bathroom? Consider your plumbing fixtures. A common request from clients is to update their bathrooms with brand new devices, but often they have already purchased plumbing accessories at the local hardware store or online.

For a showering experience like no alternative, invest in an easy-to-use and cheap new valve. With the wide collection of styles available on sites such as Amazon or Lowes for just about any budget, it’s hard to not find something that will suit your needs.

 One of our most common frustrations with homeowners is when they pick up their faucets but don’t assume plumbing lingo; unfortunately, manufacturers cannot explain what each item is – here we want to clear up the difficulty by clarifying what’s recommended for installation so you can be boldly investing in a new one.

A Shower Trim

Your shower trim is composed of the parts that you can see in your bathroom; these are cosmetic features such as handles and escutcheons. Your new style may look to restore their obsolete chrome finish with a more stylish look- so they want something sleek black or white for their handle!

 A Shower Valve

It may seem silly, but it’s a real job! Your shower valve is not the handle and pieces you see on the outside of your shower wall. Instead, it has an internal body that can’t be seen from the inside or outside, which connects to its external handles. When purchasing new valves for your bathroom remodel project with Moen USA Inc., make sure they are properly sized under your plumbing needs so installation will go simply with no leaks.

Trim is not interchangeable

It’s important to note that different brands of trim are not always compatible with one another. For example, Moen shower valves have a distinct type of threading than Delta does and so will only work with the appropriate brand for its corresponding head. It is also highly effective to consider what you’re looking for in your new design before making an impulse purchase because there are many aspects at play when it comes down to choosing the appropriate setup!

It might be tempting to just buy any old hose or wheel if they fit but this can lead them being incompatible later on – especially when trying out something as subtle as these parts from Shower Trim Company, which make sure everything goes together seamlessly by matching things like valve heads and hoses.

I see the most annoyance from the clients when they buy a new trim for their shower valve that looks great but doesn’t suit their existing shower valve.


When you need to repair your off-brand shower valve, getting the right parts can be a real chore. Furthermore, many of these valves are discontinued immediately, and when they start leaking it becomes severe or even impossible to find replacement parts for them because the company that made them went out of the industry. When this arises the buyers have no choice but to replace their entire showers instead of carrying out simple improvements which is why we simply use brand faucets in any job!


If you’re down for some extra work, then install a shower trim kit with special care needs. You’ll need to keep those instructions handy just in case someone else starts cleaning your devices or if it’s time to hire an expert cleaner yourself! Otherwise, the process could crush these finishes and possibly void any warranties that come standard with the purchase of this product.

If you have hard water, then think twice before investing in a dark or chrome-finished shower trim kit. Those spots are not just unpleasant but they will show up on your shiny new device like unwanted relatives – irritating and useless to get rid of! Robins can install the purist system that excludes those pesky spots for good, so nothing is stopping you from making this purchase with certainty in its durability.


When revising your bathroom, keep the same quantity of handles you presently have. If changing a shower surround from the front or redesigning it in any other way doing nothing more than installing another valve type for retrofitting is what you’re looking at, again adopt one with an extra-large escutcheon which will allow cover needed when replacing old showers and tubs that are no longer used.

Replacing a handheld shower valve is easy. Simply use drywall access to get behind the old one, and replace it with a recent model that accommodates your taste in handles! Your decision of handling has everything to do with a choice; just learn not to pick something too heavy for you only when installing because they can be subtle without help.

How to Install a Tub & Shower Trim Kit

Installing a new kit into your tub or shower can be done either when you remodel the bathroom, or on an as-needed basis. If the existing hardware is scratched and dated-looking, it may need to be replaced with something of higher quality that will look better in your modern space. A trim kit includes everything needed for installation; just make sure to measure out how much pipe needs replacing before starting work so they fit correctly!

For more quick and easy tips on how to maintain a squeaky clean shower, follow these simple instructions:

1.Turn the shutoff valve off at the main water line in your home or apartment building so that no additional running of water will happen while you’re cleaning. 

2.Unscrew the tub spout by turning it counterclockwise to remove it from its connection point near where plumbing meets wall tiles.

3.If you have a slip-fit pipe going into an older style bathtub with metal connections for both pipes – insert hex wrench or any other long thin object like needle nose pliers between round opening inside the spout and turn clockwise until tight;

4.The first step in replacing a shower handle is to remove the old one. Pry off the plastic cap on the tub and take out screws using an all-inclusive hex wrench set or screwdriver, depending on which type of trim plate you have.

5.Remove caulk around your new piece by cutting it with a utility knife and then removing any loose pieces before mounting your new water knob onto replaceable wall brackets that should come with installation instructions for reference during this process.

6.Reach the pliers and twist them to turn them off. Next, take a thread-sealing strip of tape; wrap it around the ends so they’re sealed tight. Take your new trim plate, slide it up over where you want to place them on top of each other rather than screw-in by hand until tightened snugly into place with threads that are wrapped tightly together as if their life depended on it!.

7.Place one end’s showerhead onto its arm first before turning clockwise – including all three pieces: both arms have now been installed back inside themselves again as if nothing had ever happened at all.

8.You can inspect your shower arm to make sure there are no leaks. If you find any, grab a towel and tighten the pliers around it until they’re fixed.

Our team of experts have reviewed and researched the best shower trim kit brands on the market. We recommend that you choose from one of these top 7 brands to get a quality product for your bathroom remodel or new construction project. 


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