Shower Panel vs Shower Head


A spa-style shower has become a prerequisite for top-end master bathroom remodels. However, there are numerous ways to get a custom shower experience depending on the cost, the scale of improvement, and desired skill. The option between shower panel vs shower head is not basic but this list should serve you to figure out which one performs best for your demands.

A shower Panel

A shower panel comprises a column that appends to the wall using your existing rough pipes. They are generally accessible in various sizes and structures, with some even having thermostatic temperature controls

Advantages of a shower panel:

Simple Installation-Shower panels are very smooth to install. They attach directly with your existing plumbing, and they simply need a bracket fixed to the wall for support.

Designs-Shower panels are good for upgrading because they can be applied in any size estimate, from a quick weekend DIY to a full repair. Best Trim is a fancy part of shower valves, tub spouts, and heads

Space-A shower panel is a major option for a full built-in unit in small baths. They are accessible to install and move if you need them away, but they still have all the features of more costly options like lower water usage rates and fewer energy costs on your monthly utility bills.

Longer lasting-Shower panels are cheaper to buy, install and maintain than shower systems. They have the same parts, but you can purchase them independently as a unit without an invasive installation or plumbing upgrades that cost less to handle long-term.

Disadvantages of a shower panel

Match Shower Heads-Some shower panels cannot accommodate all the heads together because of their limited water flow.

Coverage limitation-Shower panels are strong, but they have one great flaw: a simple source of water flow means you get wet in just one path. Most shower panel designs attempt to repair by adding over-head or angled sprays, but it’s never really the same as having your own custom-shaped jet spray with different origins for an ultimate bathing experience.

Standing out-A self-contained design of shower panels can have many advances, but one big obstacle is that they felt a little awkward. Some models are better than others; however, the nice ones will generally cost higher and won’t be as integrated as individual heads installed in your shower.

A Shower System

shower head function

Advantages of a showerhead

Flexible-Shower systems are not held collectively by one panel. These can attach to different surfaces and be installed on any kind of bathroom design.

Coverage-A shower head is designed so that water sprays from all directions. There are other head and body sprayers, with zones for each one to give you a near 360-degree spray.

Water Flow-There is a kind of shower system that plumbs multiple heads together so you can control the flow. These showers give you maximum water volume, like in an ideal hour-long shower, but they allow for simultaneous use, giving it an authentic spa feel and sense.

Classic Look-Shower systems are a good way to add new plumbing to your bathroom, but you have the convenience of creating really gorgeous shower stalls around them. Fully tiled from floor to ceiling with integrated hardware would be super nice.

Disadvantages of a showerhead

Need renovation-To install a shower system, you need to develop your plumbing and even build up the walls. This means that it’s valuable and troublesome for homeowners who just want an easy way out of their ongoing troubles with showers or bathtubs.

Price-You can purchase all the parts you need to build a shower  head heater system for about what it would cost to invest in one. However, these parts are not worth much on their own without factoring in other costs like development and designing a new shower stall.

Shower systems are pricey, so you should know all the costs they’ll incur. They involve additional plumbing upgrades like a raised water heater and increased drainage (which can mean substantial increases to your utility bills). You probably also take longer showers, which means running a lot more water.

Coverage limitation-This list might look like a silly thing to build, but it’s true – once you get used to a wonderful shower with high water pressure and 360-degree sprays, even normal showers will feel mediocre. This upgrade is great for property values because of this benefit; however, you’ll also miss having one if moving here and there without it.


You have to consider what you want. Do you just need something essential or do you really care about luxurious showers? If it’s the latter, shower panels might not be up your alley and a shower system would give better results at a wonderful price. The only defect is that they are invasive, so installation can take some time but if money isn’t very much of a release for this money, then go with them.


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